How to create a counsellor case notes management system in SharePoint using BCS

I finally got around to
configuring Business Connectivity Services (BCS) for SharePoint 2010.

I am really excited about the applications of BCS in the education context.
I have created a simple Student Counselor Case Notes Management System, but I
plan to build the following educational applications using BCS.

1. Parent – Teacher Interview Booking System &

2. Locker Management Sytems.

So if you have a SharePoint 2010 and you are a school with the need for the
above systems, keep an eye out for future posts.

How to create a Counselor Case Notes Management System

I won’t repeat information that has already been published on this topic so
here are the links you will need to get started.

1. What is Business Connectivity Services

2. Setting up your first BCS

This is probably the best post on setting up BCS for SharePoint 2010.
Fabiang doesn’t talk through any errors. I had an awful time trying to work out
an authentication issue.

Solved the issue through reading through the following posts

Here are my screen shots for the Student Counselor Case Notes Management

Notice that my form has been manipulated using InfoPath


About whellmuth

Working with the education software industry to build software with standard arhitectures that allows schools to have extensible and well integrated technologies. Member of Software QLD. Member of Microsoft advisory board on cloud computing. My doctorate specialises in Software Architecture in the Education environment. My Master Research specialised in IT change management.
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