What is the role of the Enterprise 2.0 change manager?

This blog is 2 of 6 in this series of blogs that focuses on developing a change management strategy to help your organisation transition to an Enterprise 2.0 model of operation.


The role of the change manager can be varied depending on the factors that are driving the need for change, and the environment within which the change occurs. The functions of the change manager is highlighted in Figure 1.0. Essentially the functions of change manager include: 1. People, risk and impact management; 2. Leadership alignment and stakeholder engagement; 3. Communication; 4. Culture; 5. Organisational design and governance; 6. Talent requirements and HR programs; 7. Workforce transition; 8. Learning capability transfer.

2.0 Determining what needs to be changed

Each one of these areas of focus, has a number of varied methodologies that could be used for implementation; the suitability of these methods again depend on the change type, and the environment within which the change occurs.

Figure 1.0 – The functional areas that potentially can be managed as part of a transformational change program.

A change manager is not expected to address each one of these functional areas for every change program. An effective change manager will be able to examine the organisational environment to determine which of these functional areas will need to be addressed. For example Figure 2.0 shows how different functional areas of change will need to be addressed according to the change and environmental characteristics.

Figure 2.0 – this diagram illustrates how a change manager has determined the focus of the change according to the needs of the change, and the social, cultural and political climate of the organisation within which the change will occur.

In this blog I have briefly provided some insight on how a change manager can start to narrow their focus of activities, in order to begin developing a change management strategy for their organisation. In my next blog I will introduce the dimensions of change. In order to do this I will outline the nomenclature used in the change profession.


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Working with the education software industry to build software with standard arhitectures that allows schools to have extensible and well integrated technologies. Member of Software QLD. Member of Microsoft advisory board on cloud computing. My doctorate specialises in Software Architecture in the Education environment. My Master Research specialised in IT change management.
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