Six discourses for Social Media policy development

There are two major challenges to social media policy development;

1. The first is that social media use requires the creation of content. Implications of this include: classification of this material, ownership and intellectual property of the content and the sustainability of interactive business models.

2. The second challenge is that online interactive media requires interaction. This raises issues such as governance of sites, risk, consumer protection, and privacy.

Sal Humphreys offers six discourses for social media policy development.

  1. Social Media is text, and therefore should follow the traditional methods of policy
    such as intellectual property, classification and free speech.
  2. Social Networking sites are communities therefore corporations, associations,
    families, or even national laws may apply.
  3. Social Network sites contain data and therefore have issues such as “privacy and data protection, surveillance and the aggregation of data”.
  4. Social Network sites contain economic and social value. Who owns the innovation?
  5. If users are co-creators then should industrial relation laws apply?
  6. Social Networking sites are a form of global media therefore cross-jurisdictional
    challenges to policy development.

About whellmuth

Working with the education software industry to build software with standard arhitectures that allows schools to have extensible and well integrated technologies. Member of Software QLD. Member of Microsoft advisory board on cloud computing. My doctorate specialises in Software Architecture in the Education environment. My Master Research specialised in IT change management.
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