Key sources of competitive advantage for your school.

This blog is 7 of 19 in a series on how to implement an Enterprise 2.0 framework for schools.


The following blog briefly describes how a school can utilise social media tools to their advantage, but more importantly this blog describes how an Enterprise 2.0 model of operation can help the school achieve their organisational outcomes, and remain competitive.

The blog is a short blog and contains links to external sites, and brief descriptions to other blogs in this series. Much of this information has already been recorded in this blog series. I will, therefore, just reference this information rather than repeat it.


2.1 Student Engagement

First and foremost the most important business driver of a school is a student’s engagement with, and learning of the curriculum. In a previous blog on Return on Engagement I provided a Case Study where a Social Media was part of a larger strategy that lead to an 800% increase in engagement with the curriculum.

2.2 Teacher Engagement

There has been a lot written about the need for teachers to establish their own Professional Learning Networks through the use of Social Media. I discuss the value of this in a previous blog. In my blog Barriers to Enterprise 2.0 and also discuss the dangers of not accommodating and incorporating new knowledge into the organisation.

2.3 Many others

See my blog on Application of Social Media Use in Schools for all of the different ways that Social Media can be used to make your school competitive in the market place. Mentioned within this blog includes the Social Media applications of: Increase Communication, Increased Collaboration, Organisational Branding, and Public Relations.

This concludes my short blog on key sources of competitive advantage for your school.


About whellmuth

Working with the education software industry to build software with standard arhitectures that allows schools to have extensible and well integrated technologies. Member of Software QLD. Member of Microsoft advisory board on cloud computing. My doctorate specialises in Software Architecture in the Education environment. My Master Research specialised in IT change management.
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