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I had a request to make my video series on developing ASP.Net solutions using Visual Studio, available. The VS ver is 2008 so when I get time I will update this series to 2010. The video series utilises SQL server. I set up a virtual sql server for our students so that they could get a more enterprise understanding of Information Systems. This works very well. If you don’t have the opportuntity to use SQL server to develop the database, don’t worry you can still make a string connection to other types of databases. We use Visual Studio 2008 to build the front end forms. I have tried to make the solutions as simple as possible for students, and I am always pleasantly surprised with the ease with which our students can handle the rich nature of the Visual Studio IDE.

I have created a YouTube Chanel. So the PlayList is called Senior IPT project. I hope that you and your students find it useful.

I have posted a 9 video series for developing a year 12 ASP.NET solution. These videos include:

1. Creating Tables in Microsoft SQL Server

2. How to create a relational schema in Microsofr SQL Server

3. Using the Gridview in Visual Studio

4. How to represent a one to many relationship in Visual Studio

5. How and why to create views in Visual Studio

6. How to create stored procedures

7. Creating master pages in ASP.Net

8. Configuring Menus and Site Map Controls in ASP.Net

9. Insert statements into SQL.


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