Cool SharePoint Ideas

I have published the following cool ideas (funcationality) for SharePoint 2010.

1. Create an online assessment calendar that automatically aggregates calendars from each subject site. Students can click on each assessment item on the calendar and go directly to the assessment item. The calendar can filter on year and subject so that students only see the assessment items related to them.

2. I have developed a swimming carnival results system using SharePoint datasheet functionality. This works really well.

3.  A parent teacher interview online booking system solution has been completed. This solution has some flaws than can be overcome with a more technical approach, but works well.

3. Java script function using a Content editor allows the user to easily search a list on the SharePoint Page.

4. Need more real estate on your page. Try the Tabbed environment solution presented in one of my SharePoint blogs.

5. Using External Data Content Types I have developed a Student Counsellor Notes Management System.

6. Using External Date Content Types I have also developed a Locker Management System.



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